Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2,000 Paintings in 30 Days - The Daily Painting Challenge at

2,000 Paintings in 30 Days - The Daily Painting Challenge at DailyPainters.comURL:
The artists of the Daily Painters Gallery have been busy. Since September 2006, they've posted over 10,000 original paintings to their online gallery at From June 15 to July 15, 2007, they will be attempting a new group record: 2,000 paintings in 30 days. The members of represent a growing movement in the art world, known as 'daily painting' or 'painting-a-day'. These artists strive to produce one small painting every day, or nearly so, and post them for sale on their online gallery. Even with all of their other commitments -- art fairs, gallery commitments, commission paintings, full-time jobs, and other demands of everyday life, these artists love their daily painting routine. It's a great way to stay fresh and stay focused, and it's fun, even if it is a lot of hard work. And, art collectors can't get enough of it. The Daily Painters Gallery is a great place for art collectors, decorators, and homeowners to find affordable original art and discover new painters.
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