Thursday, June 07, 2007 Mashes Up Restaurant Reviews, Maps, Food Bloggers

FoodieView Mashes Up Restaurant Reviews, Maps, Food BloggersURL:, the web's leading recipe search engine, has launched a new restaurant guide, collecting reviews from newspapers, magazines, review sites, and food bloggers. The dining guide includes information about awards and average ratings to help visitors find promising restaurants quickly. Users can write their own reviews, and create restaurant lists with maps, which can be embedded into blogs. Looking for restaurant reviews using a search engine can yield a lot of pages with nothing but an address and phone number. Diners looking for restaurant information may not realize that lots of good information is buried much later in the search results. FoodieView combines links to reviews in one place to make it easier to find real restaurant reviews from both big and small sites. "I don't think one site should be the final arbiter of taste," said FoodieView founder Howie Wang. "Many people just read restaurant reviews from the local paper, and never discover all the great food blog reviews with lots of high-quality pictures."

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