Tuesday, June 19, 2007

TheAmericanStoryteller.com Free Resource for Learning English as a Second Language (ESL)

TheAmericanStoryteller.com Free Resource for Learning English as a Second LanguageURL: http://TheAmericanStoryteller.com

Over the past few years Nelson Lauver’s nationally syndicated radio feature, The American Storyteller Radio Journal has established a dedicated US listener base. Fans refer to his stories as unique, timeless, and great radio – and have likened his style to that of Charles Kuralt and Mark Twain. As the online companion to the radio feature, TheAmericanStoryteller.com website, offers hundreds of free mp3 stories for listening/download. Now these mp3 audio stories have also become a bonanza for those wishing to learn to speak English. The site has been inundated by visits from American immigrants as well as individuals around the globe. In response to this new fan base and to make this site an even better learning tool, printable text versions are being added to enable the listener to follow along with each story. “It was completely unintentional but welcome,” said Nelson Lauver, host and creator of The American Storyteller Radio Journal. “It has added an even greater sense of importance to our work as we’ve come to realize free resources for learning English as a second language are almost non-existent.” Besides the obvious benefit of aiding in learning English, the stories convey the culture and history of everyday America and the American dialect.

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