Wednesday, June 20, 2007 Lets Users Contribute to Improve Business Information Site Lets Users Contribute to Improve Business Information SiteURL:

Manta (, one of the most visited business research web sites on the Internet, now allows site visitors to add and modify company information on more than 45 million public and private companies. “Since its launch, Manta has helped democratize business information,” said Pamela Springer, President and CEO of ECNext, the company that operates the site. “Prior to Manta, detailed information on public and private companies was only available by purchasing access to expensive subscription services. Manta levels the playing field by being every person’s resource for business information.” She explained that in order to provide even more value, Manta now allows its users to improve its information on companies. “Think of 45 million company profiles being enhanced by our nearly 4 million monthly unique visitors. When you do the math, it becomes the largest business conversation in the world.” Springer explained that this is the first in a series of new Manta features designed to give site visitors a key role in developing and enhancing the leading business research site.

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