Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Free Debt and Budget Analysis at ConsolidatedCredit.org

Free Debt and Budget Analysis at ConsolidatedCredit.orgURL: http://www.ConsolidatedCredit.org
ConsolidatedCredit.org has a free library of informational booklets and interactive tools covering a variety of debt related subjects. The ConsolidatedCredit.org website offers a free personalized debt and budget analysis. This interactive analysis will generate your budget results and compare your monthly income and expenses to an ideal budget. At the end, you will receive customized tips to help you boost your personal finances. The goal is to help you see where you stand financially, and offer advice for improvements. Consolidated Credit’s mission is to help families end financial crisis and solve money management problems through education and professional counseling. Founded in the early 1990s, Consolidated Credit is an industry leader in providing credit counseling and debt management programs throughout the United States; over the years, the organizations has helped millions of people gain control of their finances and help them delete unsecured debts. Tags: ConsolidatedCredit.org, debt analysis, budget analysis, credit, personal finances

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