Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Saffron Rouge Offers Organic Beauty Advice With Kirstin's Blog

Saffron Rouge Offers Organic Beauty Advice With Kirstin's BlogURL:

Saffron Rouge has today announced the creation of “Kirstin’s Blog”, providing ideas, information and inspiration with a purely passionate point of view by organic beauty expert Kirstin Binder. “The launch of Kirstin’s Blog is a natural evolution for the Saffron Rouge web site,” Binder states. “And natural is a term that I’ve always been tremendously fond of. Every visit to Kirstin’s Blog should provide a nugget or jewel of inspiration, be it a tip, a secret or the new and noteworthy. As with, visitors can expect to find not only the best natural and organic skin care products but also skincare tips, to-die-for organic products, secret beauty tricks, essential organic news and everything they’ll need and want to know about living an eco-friendly life wrapped up into one, completely amusing and slight irreverent weekly blog."

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