Monday, July 16, 2007 Launches Search Engine for Misspelled eBay Auctions Launches Search Engine for Misspelled eBay Auctions

Branica's new misspelled eBay search engine service allows users to find misspelled eBay auctions of products they want. These auctions are harder to find so fewer bids are made and items are sold at cheaper prices. With the new Misspelled Auction Search service, users simply enter the correct spelling of a product that they want to buy, select the "Get Misspellings" checkbox, and click on the "Submit Query" button. The service will automatically bring up current eBay auctions with both the correct and incorrect spellings so that users can find the auction that is right for them. To place a bid, users must sign up for an account at "We offer a unique way to shop at for auctions so you can make an educated purchase" says Arthur Lee, owner of "Typically you can expect to see savings of up to 80% off the usual auction price with misspellings."

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