Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Voices.com Leads Voice-Over Marketplace with 15,000+ Voices from 100+ Countries

Voices.com Leads Voice-Over Marketplace with 15,000+ Voices from 100+ CountriesURL: http://www.Voices.com
Voices.com makes finding the perfect voice for a given project easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective with their innovative web service. Voices.com is an online marketplace for hiring voice actors, and has announced their new SurePay Escrow Service, a service that makes hiring voice actors and voice over talents a safe and intuitive experience for both the client employing a voice professional and the voice professional accepting the work. David Ciccarelli, CEO says, “The implementation of the SurePay Escrow Service has further reinforced the fact that Voices.com is the only resource required when hiring voice professionals, making it easy to fulfill all aspects of the recruiting process in one convenient location online.” Voices.com is home to over 15,000 voice actors from around the world, representing over 100 languages. These voice actors specialize in audio recordings for television, radio, animation, telephony, corporate narration, character voices for video games, audio books, movie trailer voiceovers, podcasts, announcing for live events and more.

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