Wednesday, August 29, 2007

iSpeakVideo launches Virtual Spokesperson and iVideo Presentations For Web Sites

iSpeakVideo launches Virtual Spokesperson and iVideo Presentations For  Web SitesURL:
Florida-based corporation Blend Advertising, a fully integrated branding and interactive advertising agency, this month announced its web advertising technology product line-up through its newest subsidiary iSpeakVideo. iSpeakVideo’s unique technology allows businesses of all sizes to add a borderless online video to any section of their website. Among other applications, the company’s technology can be used for marketing, recruitment, corporate training, demonstrations and testimonials. In February of 2007, Blend Advertising formed iSpeakVideo with the intention of providing companies the ability to explain their product or service offerings through the use of a video spokesperson. iSpeakVideo launched with a technology called Virtual Spokesperson, a method of advertising which allows marketers to connect with consumers and experience a consistent increase in consumer action via direct sales, pages views and click through. This internet video technology has been shown to decrease cost per acquisition. “Our latest suite of borderless internet video products allows clients to ‘speak’ to their website audience through a live person walking directly onto their website. We accomplish this through the usage of HD Quality video, full motion graphics, and crisp audio. Adding a virtual spokesperson to a website is only the beginning of the transition we will see from text to video based websites,” states Erik Kretschmar, VP, Business Development of iSpeakVideo...more

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