Thursday, September 06, 2007 Launches Web's First Stock Trading Social Network Launches Web's First Stock Trading Social NetworkURL: today officially launched their new stock trading tournament site, where participants can create customizable portfolios, find friends with similar interests, and win cash and prizes playing free in the ultimate fantasy stock market community. Available now on the site are cash tournaments, including BigSmarty Challenges - Join monthly and weekly tournaments where you start with $100,000 of virtual cash in your tournament portfolio. Buy and sell stocks in real-time. The top 3 largest portfolios at the end of the tournament win cash. Place in the top 10 and win player points to compete in even higher cash prize tournaments. Additional new games are also available at, such as Wallstreet BINGO, where players find 25 stock symbols you think will go up. Create your own BINGO card and watch it grow, winning you Cash and Player Points whenever you score a BINGO, and Lucky 7 Wallstreet, which works like the Trifecta in horse racing...picking winners in their proper order. When you identify the first through 7th stocks for the day in their proper order, you win a huge jackpot. BigSmarty offers more than stock trading tournaments and games. With our Community features, you can create a profile about yourself and meet people online. You can maintain a buddy list, chat live, or email through BigSmarty's internal mail. Upload a photo of yourself for other members to see. People can click on your image and add you to their buddy list or send you messages...more

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