Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Youthroots.com Launches Unique Youth Group and Leadership Social Network

Youthroots.com Launches Unique Youth Group and Leadership SocialLightworks New Media has launched Youthroots.com, a social networking website designed to help today's youth self-organize to serve their local or global community. The social network offers youth groups and their leaders an alternative to well-known sites like Myspace and Facebook, in that the emphasis is placed on the group to which the youth belongs, rather than the individual. Youthroots also adds increased security measures to protect privacy of its participants. Youthroots answers the requests of a growing share of youths around the world who wish for a location to organize activities, socialize, and be recongnized on the basis of their group identity. A female user shared, “My accomplishments in life have come as result of a team effort. I want a place to spend time online where my friends and I can impact others' lives through cooperative efforts and lift each other up along the way.” Youthroots.com members may perform searches through the network to coordinate with other groups that share common interests, faith-group affiliation, or geographic location. Family and friends may even be included within the groups' circle, at the discretion of the group leader. Youthroots.com addresses public concerns from both youths and parents about security for minors through supervision of an adult leader for each group. Only group leaders may create groups, control all aspects of membership, and can add helpful security features such as making details of the group invisible to public searches. Youthroots user Dane Kimball commented, “Myspace is fun, but my inbox is filled with spam and inappropriate invitations from strange women. Youthroots lets me ommunicate with who I want, without the extra...click to read more

URL: http://www.Youthroots.com
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