Wednesday, October 10, 2007

North South Studios Launches, First Gaming Site Devoted Entirely To The 2008 Presidential Elections - First Gaming Site Devoted To 2008 Presidential Elections, Launched by North South StudiosWith just 14 months to go before the 2008 elections, the race to the Whitehouse is on. While past primaries may have depended on popularity or patronage, this one looks to be all about money, BIG money, leaving most of us in the dust. Most of us that is, except users of, the new non-partisan website that gives the little guy a voice in the high stakes game of political fundraising. The basics are simple. Players sign up for free and choose a candidate for whom they raise virtual bucks by playing games and participating in a host of community features. Games like PAC Attack (Political Action Committee), Paintball Politics, and Fat Cat Ball keep players vying for first place in the player rankings and boost candidate standings. Trivia games, caption contests, and opinion forums round out the fun. Don’t know who you want to support yet? No problem, the Candidate Maker lets players create their own candidates and other players can rate and comment on them. is North South Studios’ first foray into independent publishing and was inspired by several factors. “Normally we make products for other publishers but this time we had a strong motive to publish something of our own. It’s no secret that fewer and fewer Americans are participating in the political process. We wanted to encourage people, especially young people, to get involved in the upcoming presidential elections,” says company President, Bill to read more

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