Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Barcode Label Yourself With Adazon’s Free Online Barcode Labels

Barcode Label Yourself With Adazon’s Free Online Barcode LabelsURL:
Barcodes are showing up everywhere today whether it is a product on the shelf in a store or being printed on a shipping label leaving your company's warehouse. With Adazon’s label capabilities, they are taking it a step further by barcoding people. This barcode is not placed on the skin, but on apparel and accessories. With this new tool, Adazon enables customers to create a barcode of any word, name, number, or phrase and put that barcode on a hat, shirt, mug, mouse pad or even a baby bib. Just think, you can actually barcode your baby! This could be a fun way to identify employees, children (if you have more than 2 or 3), or students. It is just a fun way to play with barcodes. Click and try it yourself. Adazon provides the opportunity to remove their logo or keep it to show your friends where you made the barcode. The barcode creator allows the customer to use different symbologies and to change the size of the barcode. The human readable description of the barcode can be shown or hidden if you only want to see the barcode image. Just right click on the image and save it to your computer for free. Adazon specializes in custom barcode labels, barcode equipment and preprinted and prime product to read more

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