Monday, December 03, 2007 Launches AJAX Coupon Widget Launches AJAX Coupon WidgetURL:, the Internet's leading consumer deals and coupons aggregation site, announces the launch of a cross browser AJAX Coupon Widget, just in time for the holiday shopping season. The AJAX Coupon Widget enables shoppers to quickly and efficiently lookup coupons and promotions from their favorite online stores, while experiencing an integrated and interactive Rich Client Interface. With hundreds of online retailers and thousands of coupons and promotions, it's difficult for shoppers to keep up with the ongoing promotions. They have to constantly check the website or use search engines to find coupons. The AJAX Coupon Widget will change that by providing an integrated interface that will help shoppers stay up to date with current deals and coupons from their favorite online stores. “With the advent of AJAX, we wanted to use the technology to provide a more interactive interface to our website. We looked a lot of different AJAX APIs and ended up utilizing jQuery which we found to be very lightweight and robust in functionality. By providing a cross browser AJAX widget, we allow shoppers to experience a more lively and interactive rich client interface, and save money at the same time.”, says Salima Mirza, creator and developer of aggregates online instant coupons and coupon codes from hundreds of brand name retailers. Coupons from retailers such as Target, Dell, Overstock, Office Depot, eBags and many more are available to use and instantly provide a discount at the click of a mouse. Shoppers can launch the AJAX Coupon Widget by going to and start saving right away. The AJAX Coupon Widget has been tested on Internet Explorer 6.0+, Firefox 1.0+ , Opera 8.5+ and Safari to read more

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