Wednesday, December 12, 2007 and Sha Na Na Launch "Vote For Me" Animation Satirizing 2008 Presidential Campaign and Sha Na Na Launch Vote For Me Animation Satirizing 2008 Presidential CampaignURL:
When the animators at decided to create an animation that cast a comic light on the dizzying array of potential presidential candidates, they knew they wanted it to have a rich, engaging soundtrack. “We’re not songwriters,” said creative director, Diego Velez, “but we felt that the right music would really make our animation come alive.” It was during one of their initial brainstorming sessions that a team member remembered a rock song he had heard years ago when Nixon was president. “With one simple word change the song became as relevant to 2008 as it was to the seventies. When I heard it, I knew we had found our soundtrack,” added company president, Bill Newell. Tracking down the song’s composer, Sha Na Na’s managing partner, was relatively simple and he was delighted to get on board. “We have always combined good music with good humor and I thought this was a great use of our song,” said Screamin’ Scott Simon. “The irony that something we recorded in response to the political malaise of the seventies is equally relevant today, is both funny and somewhat unsettling. We love the animation and couldn’t stop laughing when we saw the final cut!” The animation can be seen on You Tube as well as on Produced by a team of three animators, the segment features all the major presidential candidates and their loyal coaches, the elephant and the donkey. “Vote For Me has lots of comedic elements and is politically neutral when it comes to predicting the future or advocating a particular candidate. We can’t tell you more,” said Velez, “because we don’t want to ruin the joke. The segment relies on an interesting musical twist to create an unexpected and highly amusing punch to read more

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