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Fax blasters have long been known to send illegal junk faxes to businesses and homeowners. Fax Recovery Systems tackles these unwanted intrusions head on, and can recover money for the unwilling fax recipient. The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) prohibits the sending of unsolicited facsimile advertisements (i.e. junk faxes) to businesses or residential fax machines unless a "business relationship" with the company on whose behalf the fax was sent already exists.
According to Joel Nussenblatt, president of Fax Recovery Systems, the rise of other communications systems such as email blasts has not eliminated the daily imposition of unwanted faxes. “This is an insidious form of advertising where the receiver is paying for the advertisement, through his paper, his ink or toner, and tying up his phone lines,” he said. “As unpleasant as email blasts can be, there is no expense involved in deleting the message, but this is not the case with faxes.” Nussenblatt added that the constant calls from fax blasters are also an invasion of privacy. Fax Recovery Systems seeks out law firms across the country specializing in TCPA law to help stem the flow of unsolicited faxes. The company receives copies of the unwanted faxes, researches their origin and may refer them to law firms. These law firms go after the senders of the junk faxes for violations of the TCPA law. Their mission is to “take the profit out of the activity.” Fax Recovery Systems clients can recover up to $50 from settlements made by the law firms for the junk faxes that they send to them. “People do have rights when it comes to unwanted faxes – the TCPA has made that clear,” added Nussenblatt. “We understand the law, to read more

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