Tuesday, January 08, 2008

ClikitySplit.com Launches Web’s First Visual Marketing Search Engine

ClikitySplit.com Launches Web’s First Visual Marketing Search EngineURL: http://clikitysplit.com
ClikitySplit.com this week officially launched what they call the web’s first visual, rich multimedia, dynamic, marketing and search engine. Consumers worldwide can quickly, visually, and geographically locate and research desired points of interest on interactive maps via plotted dot icons and dynamic billboards. Search engines presently vertically list search results on statically formatted pages. Consumers typically only view search results listed on the first page and waste time looking at outdated information. To find search results in different categories (e.g. restaurants near their hotel) they have to start a new search. Such is a time consuming and frustrating user experience. Recognizing the need for more efficient search, ClikitySplit has enabled consumers to prioritize and select search results geographically, eliminated paginating of search results, and freed valuable time to gain relative, real time, decision-influencing information. ClikitySplit’s relevant search results are shown visually, simultaneously, and quickly since there is no refreshing of the map. The dynamic billboards accessed by mousing over the plotted dot icons give consumers both the location of, and up-to-the-minute information about, a selected point of interest. Restaurants and hotels are ClikitySplit’s first area of high traffic concentration. Consumers can locate their desired point of interest, zoom in the interactive map, and receive dynamic information (e.g. special hot offers, menus, etc.) via ClikitySpkit’s proprietary “dynamic billboards” which contain photo slideshows, video, audio, and up to 10,000 characters of text. Consumers can, quickly and easily, comparison shop by searching geographic areas and find last minute bargains, promotions, and other critical information. They can further filter their search by using the chain, price, and type of cuisine sorting features...click to read more

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