Friday, January 04, 2008

Share Candid Wedding Camera Photos Online With

Founded in 2007, brings innovation and ease-of-use to the disposable wedding photography market, including online ordering of premium FujiFilm cameras, film development, negatives, prints, photo DVD, free shipping and online photo sharing. We’ve all been to a wedding reception, grabbed a disposable camera at our table, and captured a moment we know the bride and groom will appreciate. Perhaps it was a bouquet toss, a laugh, or the joyous reunion of family and friends who’ve come together to celebrate a marriage. But what happens to all those moments afterwards? They disappear into albums and shoeboxes, seen only by the newlyweds. In time, the wedding is defined by the formal poses snapped by a hired photographer – and all of those great candid moments are forgotten. It’s been like this ever since the advent of disposable wedding cameras. Even with the advent of social networking and web 2.0 interactivity, no one has come up with a simple and practical solution that allows wedding guests to revisit a wedding and view the moments they’ve photographed. Few newlyweds are up to the arduous task of scanning the negatives from their disposable cameras, let alone creating a way to share those digitized photos with their many guests., provider of complete wedding camera solutions, has the answer. has been listening to customer requests and adding features that improve and simplify candid wedding photography. With the launch of web albums, now automatically scans, uploads and creates a secure web album that allows full photo-sharing access for wedding to read more

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