Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Super Bowl Odds, Betting Guide and History Now Live at BetUS.com

URL: http://www.betus.com/nfl-football/superbowl
Super Bowl XLII is almost upon us, and the matchup has been decided: The New York Giants versus the New England Patriots! Both teams have had to travel a tough road to get here. Fortunately, it's a lot easier for fans to stay on top of their game, thanks to the newly launched BetUS Super Bowl Portal.

The Super Bowl Portal is a useful resource, with statistics and betting advice that may be hard to find anywhere else. The Super Bowl History page provides information on past Super Bowls, spreads, stats, and results. BetUS.com has a quality team of professional sports journalists, striving to keep fans up to date with the latest Super Bowl football news from a sports betting perspective.

For the casual sports fan who has never bet on football before, what better time to start than the Super Bowl? BetUS offers tips for the newcomer in their Super Bowl betting guide, providing a primer and allowing potential winners to soak in all the information before they make their play.

For the hardcore football bettor, BetUS offers a wide variety of betting options for the big game including alternate spreads, and all the enticing props that an NFL bettor could dream of. Will it be Brady or Manning to throw the first incomplete pass? Will Randy Moss or Plaxico Burress catch more passes in the Super Bowl? Who will be the Super Bowl MVP? High-fiving will increase 500% this year...

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