Monday, January 28, 2008

Help Kids Write Short Stories With

Help Kids Write Short Stories With Short-Stories-Help-Children.comURL: provides a welcome twist to parenting and enables kids to publish stories and solicit comments. Originally launched in December of 2006, the site aims to cut through much of the tedium of learning from the parenting professionals. is a light-hearted, refreshing look into parenting for those moms and dads struggling with their first gradeschoolers. It deals with raising kids in today's complex world of marketing hype, peer pressure and behavioural issues.

The site provides commentary about educational methods, literacy in its various forms, learning disorders, distractions that hurt productivity, discipline and violence in schools to name a few. The site also invites parents to share their experiences. Basic concepts are clarified by the analogy of writing short stories to show parents how to focus a child's attention and efforts...

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