Friday, January 25, 2008 Launches Advanced Video Search Engine

TV Guide, who provides the web's only video search engine for professionally produced video content, is now offering advanced video search functionality via their Online Video Guide. TV Guide's video search engine includes movie trailers, complete TV show episodes, news clips, previews and programs across all genres and networks. Using the new advanced video search capabilities, you can search professionally produced video by genre, network, date, clip, full episode and more. For example, using the advanced video search for the phrase "American Idol", and limiting the search just to network and cable news sources, the results bring back a manageable and useful set of 48 video matches. Try a similar search at a general search engine where you can't limit searches by genre, network, or quality, and you'd have to scan through millions of off-topic results. Also offering the ability to browse by category, celebrity, program and popularity, TV Guide's Online Video Guide and search engine is a fast, simple way to search for professional entertainment video online.

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