Thursday, April 03, 2008 Launches Truckers Social Network

URL:, the leading internet destination for the long-haul truck driver, expands its already large network of trucker-specific tools by giving those in the trucking industry their own personal space on the internet at

myLayover brings the full power of the latest internet-based social networking tools to bear and puts them at the fingertips of the driver. The new site's tagline, "Where Truckers Connect" aptly describes a destination that cuts through the clutter to be found on today's popular social-networking websites and allows a trucking-specific destination for drivers nationwide to connect with each other and their communities.

myLayover collects all the popular tools and features found on the latest social sites such as Flickr, YouTube! Blogger, MySpace, and others, and lays them out in one central location. "Being able to communicate over long distances, all over the country, with pictures, video, blogs, and other media is the strength of the internet," says Bruce Martin, President of "Of course, long-haul truckers have been doing this forever in one form or another, which makes these social networking tools ideal for the driver. Collecting all of these tools in one place makes it more convenient for the trucker given his or her lifestyle."

Current and new users who sign up for an account in myLayover will be able to take advantage of creating their own blog, uploading their pictures from the road, as well as uploading and posting their own videos. Handy lists of "what's new" will let users in on the latest activity from other users on the road.

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