Tuesday, April 08, 2008

SimonVolkov.com Helps Real Estate Investors Find Distressed Properties at Deep Discounts

URL: http://www.simonvolkov.com/investors/

With rapidly declining asking prices, skyrocketing foreclosures and mortgage rates on a downward trend, the real estate market is becoming a dream for investors. Now one noted real estate investor, Simon Volkov (http://www.simonvolkov.com), says it's time to start buying--and he's even giving investors access to real estate investment notes at just seventy cents on the dollar at current market prices. Volkov has launched a real estate investment group, http://www.simonvolkov.com/investors/, open to novice and serious investors alike. Members must perform their own due diligence and be ready to close on foreclosures, short sales and other distressed properties within 30 days with cash in hand. Volkov will provide the group with discounted real estate notes from around the country, making it possible to purchase homes with significant equity built in. "All the crucial factors--low interest, high inventory levels and correspondingly low prices--are in place to create one of the best opportunities in history to invest in real estate,"? Volkov explained. "The foreclosure floodgates are about to open, and our members are going to reap the rewards." While less experienced investors spent the last few years snapping up real estate at ridiculously high prices and now find themselves overextended, Volkov was working with banks to purchase foreclosed and lender-owned properties at wholesale prices. Those--and many other single-family residences in foreclosure--are the properties he now offers through his real estate investment group...

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