Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Helps Investors Profit Via Short Selling

Short selling is gaining a huge following, but many investors know very little about this lucrative trading style. Short sellers identify a stock they believe is going to go down in price. When these traders target a stock it can cause a flood of selling. Short interest in stocks is at an all-time high this month. So, how do you know if your portfolio might fall victim to short selling? offers free, proprietary short interest stock reports, so you can see if your stocks are targeted. tracks short interest data in NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks and helps traders identify which companies the short sellers believe are going down. Large volumes of short selling can weigh heavily on a stock. Anyone can access the company’s proprietary information and receive free short interest stock quotes from their website at was founded by Dylan Wetherill, who started his career as a stock trader, relying upon short interest data to help guide his trading decisions. With this information, he gained valuable insight into the catalysts that cause powerful changes in stock prices. Wetherill says “The world's best traders and fund managers have long understood the power that stock short interest can play on price moves in the market. Our research is designed to help you find powerful opportunities - both long and short - and gain from the timing of dramatic changes in stock price. provides our members with an exclusive edge in the market.”

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