Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HawaiiGaga.com Launches Hawaii Vacation Rental Search Engine and Vacation Guide

URL: http://www.HawaiiGaga.com
HawaiiGaga.com has launched the world’s first human reviewed search engine designed specifically for Hawaii vacation rentals. The site contains the internet’s most comprehensive directory of Hawaii’s rental listings. HawaiiGaga.com also serves as a community and resource center for vacationers - a place where users can share vacation ideas, and most importantly, write rental reviews. HawaiiGaga.com gives people the information they need to plan the perfect holiday and showcases Hawaii’s natural attractions with hundreds of panoramic photos. Interactive maps, guides and discussion forums further aid tourists in discovering the islands. Hawaii’s vacation rentals are scattered across thousands of web sites. Most rentals are listed in more than one location but don’t include a name or unit number making them difficult to identify. Rentals can also be listed by both agents and owners, often at different price points. Searching and sifting through all the choices is a time consuming and daunting task for vacationers. HawaiiGaga.com finds, organizes, and catalogs rental listings for vacationers, presenting the results in a highly organized way. “Some tourists are hesitant to stay in vacation rentals even though they provide unique comforts and cost effectiveness,” believes CEO James Pretorius. “Relative to hotels, the rental industry is disorganized, inconvenient, and lacks credibility. By acting as the gateway to Hawaii’s vacation rentals, HawaiiGaga.com addresses all these concerns and is uniquely positioned to act as an advocate for the industry.” HawaiiGaga.com features many tools to help people to find rentals that match their preference. Some of the site’s bigger attractions are ...Click to read more.

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