Thursday, August 21, 2008

OTR Tire Site Launches OTR Video Magazine With Tom White


Whether you are a tire industry veteran who memorizes technical data books for fun, or a novice who doesn't know what the initials "OTR" stand for, is betting that they can inform and entertain you, with their bi-weekly OTR video magazine "OTR Weekly with Tom White".

Drawing from his experience in off-the-road, or OTR tires, sales and installation, Tom uses an informal and humorous approach to talk about issues of importance within the OTR Industry, without leaving "normal folks" behind.

In each episode, Tom takes on issues that not only affect those in the tire industry, but the general public as well. Want to see how the coming shortage in agricultural tires may affect the price of food? Tom will show you. How a predicted shortage in carbon black may affect the price of your car tires? Tom will tell you. 'OTR Weekly' also includes explanations of technical information like tread depth, patterns, and serial numbers, along with the application of that knowledge in a real world situation.

When asked why chose to produce videos with the end user in mind, and not just industry insiders, Tom had this to say:

"Since the shortage of OTR began, we've seen an increase in customers who just need 2 or 3 tires to keep their equipment running. Many times, they are a small construction company, and it'll be the owner's wife or somebody in a procurement office that we talk with on the phone. Usually, they are given minimal information regarding their tire needs, and we may need to give them a more in-depth explanation, to help focus their buying criterion. 'OTR Weekly' is just a natural extension of what we do on a daily basis in our office, albeit on a much larger scale."...Click to read more

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