Friday, August 22, 2008

Online Dream Journal Site Records 100,000th Dream, Adds Features

URL:, the free online dream journal service that allows anyone to create and customize an online dream journal, now has over 100,000 dreams recorded on the site. Site creator Kelly Matthews commented, "when I launched DreamJournal in 2001, it was mostly for my own enjoyment and fun. I had no idea the site would resonate with so many people. I'm honored to have so many people entrust me with their personal dream experiences". The site is 100% free to join. People can post dreams to be viewed publicly, by friends only, or even keep them private. Members can also track dream themes and symbols via tools like the Dream Keyword Cloud or Dream Symbol Cloud, as well as learn to have lucid dreams, interact with others, or request dream interpretations. Social features of the site also allow members to follow dreams via the Dream Journal RSS feed, or via Twitter. Matthews, who is the CEO of KLM Techniques (, has been doing internet development for over 12 years and has always been interested dreams. She recently redesigned the look and feel of Dream Journal and added many new features, and will continue to expand the site and it's capabilities for her members.

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