Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Water Calculator from Shows Your Water Foorprint

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The H2O Conserve Water Calculator is a web based tool that can help you calculate how much water you use on a daily basis, and more importantly, provide tips for how to use less. The Calculator takes you through a series of questions about your daily life, from baths to tooth-brushing to lawn watering, and as you answer these questions gives you an estimate of the total amount of water you use, called your "water footprint". The Calculator takes into account not only the water used in your home, but also the water used to produce the food you eat and the products you buy. Your water footprint includes other factors such as water utilized to cool power plants that provide your electricity, and water saved when you recycle. You may not drink, feel or see this water, but it makes up the great majority of your water footprint. It is important to recognize that the Calculator relies on national averages and approximations, and your results should be considered an estimate and not a scientifically accurate assessment. The Calculator does provide a general assessment of your water use, as well as the quantity of water used daily by the average American to give you an idea of your use. When you finish the Calculator, your results will show your total household water use, as well as the average per person water use in your household. Water scarcity is a growing problem throughout the US and abroad, and it is crucial that individuals and communities make efforts to conserve and protect this precious resource. H2O conserve is a web-based project that offers tools and knowledge that enable individuals to make water conservation part of their everyday lives...Click to read more

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