Monday, November 03, 2008

New Site Explains Scientific Brainwave CDs That Boost Mind Power

A brand new range of “brainwave CDs” has been publicly launched by Inspire3 Ltd, designed at seriously increasing your mental powers. The 6-CD program, known as the “Brain Evolution System,” helps increase thinking speed, boost creativity, raise energy levels, improve your memory, and release bad habits. A companion web site with further details is also available at

Built on over 150 years of brainwave research, the program was developed by brainwave pioneer Michael Kelley – and uses special sounds to help change brainwave patterns. The Brain Evolution System was originally launched early 2006, and currently enjoys over 10,000 users worldwide. Among its many supporters are best-selling author Mark Joyner, of, and self-development leader Karl Moore.

Initially, the program was only available on direct recommendation – however this month sees the Brain Evolution System launch direct to the public for the first time ever. Program developer, Lee Benson, said: “This is possibly the most powerful self-development technology on earth. It has the ability to change your life – just by listening to a simple CD, once per day.”

The Brain Evolution System was developed by brainwave pioneer Michael Kelley, using the patent-pending 3-Point Dynamic Entrainment Audio Process. This technology combines three leading methods of influencing brainwaves, to help ensure the mind is placed into a state of peak performance while listening to the program.

Brain Evolution System user Bob Bly, best-selling author of over 65 books, commented on the program: “The first time I listened, it immediately placed me into a calmer, more peaceful, more contemplative mood. Its calming sounds immediately enabled me to concentrate fully on the piece I was writing. I love this!"

The entire 6-level program is currently available as a 21-day trial, and each purchase comes with its own 7-month, no-questions-asked guarantee. In addition, the official website is currently offering two month’s supply of its mind-sharpening supplement, Acuity, when ordering. To learn more about the Brain Evolution System, visit
Members of the press are invited to e-mail to receive demonstrations of the Brain Evolution System technology. For press images, visit For the main Brain Evolution System research site, visit For a 6-minute video introduction to the Brain Evolution System program, visit

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