Thursday, November 06, 2008

Not-for-Profit Relaunches Free Online Memorial Site


GoneTooSoon, the free online memorial website was first launched in November 2005. It’s a not-for-profit website, offering families and friends the chance to place a lasting, living tribute on the internet for their loved ones who have died. Creating an online memorial, ensures that your much loved family and friends will be remembered forever. In the 3 years since it launched, 10s of millions of visitors have created memorials and left their memories, tributes, photos and lit candles. Autumn 2008 sees GoneTooSoon relaunch with a brand new website. The site’s creator, Terry George strongly believes that the site should remain free so that anyone can create a memorial, whatever their financial circumstances. The new version of GoneTooSoon now features an extremely popular community section, where members can meet and talk to each other. Many people find it easier to cope with the loss of someone close to them if they’re able to talk to others who have experienced similar tragedies. Memorial pages have been set up for thousands of people across the globe, with millions of tributes and candles left every month. Friends and relatives often use the site to pour out their heart as if speaking direct to those they have lost, giving them a unique outlet for their grief. Each memorial site can be customised to suit the memories of those that have died. You can choose from many different themes (from dolphins to sunsets) and add your stories, memories, photographs and music. You can also leave ‘virtual gifts’ on memorials...Click to read more

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