Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Bite2Eat Launches Restaurant Directory with On-Line Menus

URL: http://www.bite2eat.com
Social Media start-up Bite2Eat Corporation has announced the launch of Bite2Eat.com (http://www.bite2eat.com), a restaurant directory that makes it easy to order from restaurants using on-line menus. Whether a restaurant is looking for a free, no-hassle way to establish an on-line presence, or simply wants to supplement existing efforts, Bite2Eat.com is a quick and risk-free way to attract new on-line customers and encourage existing ones to continue ordering. "Restaurant owners have to focus on food quality, preparation and sales - they don't want to spend the time or money figuring out how to manage getting orders on-line," explained CEO Jay Bailey. "We make it painless to offer customers on-line menus - with no startup costs or ongoing fees - for absolutely any restaurant that takes delivery or pickup orders. It's essentially free marketing with only a pay-for-performance cost." Bite2Eat earns a small commission for each order sent by fax to a restaurant. Co-founder and CTO Marc Fischman added, "The state of the economy means that ordering in is a great and inexpensive way to share an evening with friends. You can experience exotic world flavors without leaving your house. And it actually makes this the ideal time for us to offer owners a way to generate business without having to spend a lot on dubious marketing or cutting prices painfully." Bite2Eat.com complements the way a restaurant works without requiring equipment installations or dedicated computers. The Bite2Eat system can transmit orders by fax, by e-mail, or by an automated phone system that reads the order in a natural-sounding voice. Bite2Eat.com Buddy Orders provide the ability for a customer to initiate an order and then invite colleagues, friends or family members to join that order...Click to read more

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