Monday, December 08, 2008 Brings Web 2.0 to Online Text Messaging

URL: has gone web 2.0 with its popular text messaging service. Visitors are now offered a host of new features that allow them to easily manage their text messaging needs all from a single user-friendly control panel, available at The new site distinguishes itself with an emphasis on user experience that is incorporated into a host of new features related exclusively to text messaging that our visitors have suggested to us throughout the years. Free members are offered a host of features which include; SMS scheduling and reminders, message archives, search features, a contact management system, group messaging, auto-carrier lookup and delivery reports. Free members also now have global access with support for over 500 carriers in over 140 countries and premium members have access to over 700 carriers. was first established in 2005 and is one of the oldest and most popular websites to offer visitors access to a range of free text messaging services and applications. Ease of use has been a key consideration in development of the new design and visitors can expect a great experience whether they use the site daily or just once. Mr. Urmann, the company president said that "Desktop text messaging saves users time and money... as they can store contact information, create groups and resend old messages without using a mobile". Features of interest on the new website include a streamlined and easy to use contact management system, the ability to schedule text reminders, and multi-language character support. Users can store individual contact information and then group contacts for easy one click messaging. The ability to send text reminders is a great function as you can set future text reminders for yourself or send birthday or anniversary texts in advance so as not to forget...Click to read more

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