Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HeadandNeck.com Educates on TMJ Syndrome and Misdiagnosed Migraines

URL: http://www.headandneck.com
HeadAndNeck.com is designed to help guide severe headache sufferers who, misdiagnosed with migraine, get little relief and are forced to live a life of chronic pain, lost hope, depression and/or secondary effects of the drugs that they are given to control the pain. Many times these drugs have little positive effect. Most severe headaches are not migraine but are treated as such. The majority of headaches are caused by spasms in the muscles of the head and neck, a problem called Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or TMJ syndrome, which, most often, can be successfully treated without drugs or surgery.

Visitors to www.headandneck.com can download, at no cost, TMJ Syndrome - The Overlooked Diagnosis, a classic book written for the layman by Dr. A. Richard Goldman. Dr. Goldman is director of the Head and Neck Pain Center, in Chicago, owner of the website. This book deals with the causes and diagnosis of and treatments for TMJ Syndrome. It also includes many case histories. Additionally, www.headandneck.com contains several video interviews with patients who had been misdiagnosed, as above, who had been helped by the techniques discussed in this website...Click to read more.

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