Thursday, January 15, 2009 Cycling Blog Showcases California Long Distance Bike Rides


The Tour of California Cycling Blog, published by cyclist Bernd Straehle, is dedicated to long distance road bike rides in California and related topics. Rides start at about 100 miles in length and range from flat centuries to mountainous double centuries and multi-day tours. The site showcases the different regions of California, from the deserts to the mountains to the Ocean, each offering challenging rides and breathtaking views. Tour of California includes a unique bike ride map mashup application, integrating Google Maps technology with data recorded by leading-edge cycling computers. Information includes GPS satellite data, route profiles, percentage grades, and more. Additional information includes detailed ride descriptions, cities/towns and counties visited, categorized climbs, rest stops, personal notes, and pictures. Unlike more general purpose sports or cycling websites, Tour of California Cycling Blog is unique because of both the quality and quantity of data it presents to a user in a standardized way, giving a very detailed overall picture of a ride, as well as a tool to compare different rides. The level of detail is possible because of the relatively narrow focus on long distance bike rides geographically limited to California...Click to read more

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