Monday, January 19, 2009 Provides Quality Information on Moroccan Riads


For the last decade Morocco has become a regular feature in the travel sections of newspapers across Europe as a hot tourist destination, and the luxury boutique hotels known as riads have proven to be the accommodation of choice in places like Marrakech, Fes, Essaouira and all across the country. The problem for tourists has been in finding trustworthy information, in one place, in order to choose the riad that would give them the best holiday experience. Some pictures here, a few listings there, but no trusted resource for finding all the information one might need. With that in mind, was created with the goal of becoming the definitive online resource for quality information about riads in Morocco. Created with the specific needs of a tourist looking for a riad in Morocco in mind, Riad Reviews allows tourists to see pictures, read descriptions, search by amenity, compare riads side by side, read reviews and contact the owner directly for bookings. Looking for riads in Marrakech with air conditioning and a swimming pool that offers cooking classes to its guests? No problem. Simply select your desired city and amenities and voila, look at the riads that match your description. Can't decide between three of them? No problem. Store the riads in the comparison folder and view all the information about their information side by side to compare features....Click to read more

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