Wednesday, January 28, 2009

J. Peterman Launches Online Travel Photo Contest

J. Peterman Launches Online Travel Photo Contest URL:

Popular lifestyle brand J. Peterman has launched a Travel Photo Contest on Peterman's Eye, where visitors can submit a photo and caption to be eligible for cash prizes totaling $3,500. More contests and sweepstakes are expected from the site throughout the year. The J. Peterman Company been around a long time and continues to reinvent itself . As the company tag line says, they are: Traveling The World To Find Uncommonly Good Stuff. Online at since the mid-nineties, the company also recently launched Peterman's Eye, an online community of curious minds that explores curiosities and travel. Each day, JP kicks off the discussion with original content about a hand-selected topic, then the community (a bunch of smart people) join in with their opinions and thoughts. The travel section of the new site is particularly robust – members can share photos, reviews and videos with one another about their travels. There is also a completely interactive Peterman's Eye Map, which serves as a great way to research your travel plans, and voyeuristically view other member's experiences to read more.

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