Thursday, February 05, 2009 Academic Bookmark Network Launched

URL: has launched a new Web site where students and faculty can share resources and links. The site, founded by Murray Goldberg, uses the collective intelligence of its student members to determine which Web sources will be the most helpful to them. “The problem students have is not finding material online,” Goldberg said. “The problem generally lies in finding the best resources available. Students may have to sort through an abundance of Web sites, but Brainify allows students to be pointed right away to the best Web sites available to them. One student who finds a certain Web site helpful can put it on Brainify, allowing all students access to it. These Web sites might not show up on a Google search,” he added. Selected sites are tagged by students who then rate and give complete descriptions of that site. Brainify is designed to be most useful for students. There are two ways to search the site. Via an academic hierarchy organized by subject, or by keyword. Professors, Goldberg said, are also putting groups on Brainify with useful Web sites and are asking their students to join. “This gives professors the ability to work with students to build a nice resource for their course,” Goldberg said. Students can also use the resource to ask any question they have pertaining to their courses. Although anyone can view the information on Brainify, a college or university e-mail address is required to become a member. “The best way to make sure that the site is useful for students is if it is only students and professors to read more

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