Tuesday, April 21, 2009

WhosePhoneIsThis.com Plots Location of Phone Numbers Using Google Maps Mash-Up

WhosePhoneIsThis.com is the first website to dynamically plot the location of a phone number, using proprietary data sources and a unique, interactive Google Maps mash-up. WhosePhoneIsThis.com is built especially for people who are tired of not knowing WHO is calling. WhosePhoneIsThis.com allows users to file complaints against any unwanted, harrassing phone call. Plus, it provides convenient registration links to both the applicable state and national Telemarketer Do Not Call list. The site was designed specifically for participation from people who are tired of getting unknown phone calls. It's a community effort to harness the collective intelligence of everyone who has seen an unwanted telephone number show up in their Caller ID. Better than putting a name with a face, WhosePhoneIsThis.com puts a Google map, and a whote lot of data, with a phone number. In conjunction with Google Maps, WhosePhoneIsThis.com takes a world-class, proprietary database that features an amazing amount of data: U.S. census data, telephone area code data, phone carrier data, FBI crime data, line type data, targeted income & housing data, and pay phone data. That's a lot of data! Using a combination of this data and a proprietary mapping algorithm, WhosePhoneIsThis.com offers one clean, easy-to-use format to immediately display the location on Google Maps...click to read more

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