Thursday, April 23, 2009 Launches Youth Sports Skills and Drills Library for Parents, Coaches and Kids

Youth sports community site has launched a youth sports Skills and Drills library. Initially launched with baseball, softball and soccer, the Skills and Drills library features instructional videos from pros such as baseball stars Derek Jeter and Ryan Howard, softball stars Jennie Finch and Monica Abbott, and soccer stars Jonathan Borstein and Brandi Chastain. The library also includes collections from leading online sports sites. "Weplay is dedicated to providing coaches, parents and kids the information and tools they need to stay organized, get their questions answered, share and save memories and have more fun with less effort," said Steve Hansen, Weplay CEO. "Skills and Drills is an exciting step that represents a partnership between premiere sports professionals, content partners and major organizations to help the youth sports community as a whole. We are looking forward to forging similar partnerships as we launch new sports for Skills and Drills." Skills and Drills consists of several hundred videos, 3D simulations and diagrams organized by skill, such as base running, hitting or fielding for baseball and softball or goalkeeping, defense and passing for soccer. The comprehensive library is also organized by skill level so that parents, coaches and kids can find the right drills based on the age of their teams and leagues.

Baseball Skills and Drills includes online videos of Derek Jeter explaining how to hit an inside fastball, Ryan Howard teaching how to hit for power and Harold Reynolds and Ozzie Smith demonstrating infield fielding techniques among hundreds of other youth baseball drills.

Softball Skills and Drills includes online videos of Jennie Finch showing how to throw her famous "Rise Ball", Cat Osterman demonstrating how to throw a "Drop Ball" pitch and Monica Abbott explaining how to use your legs for power among hundreds of other youth softball drills.

Soccer Skills and Drills includes videos of world champion Brandi Chastain demonstrating how to make aggressive soccer decisions, Jonathan Bornstein teaching how to take a header and Heather O'Reilly explaining shooting drills among hundreds of other youth soccer to read more

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