Tuesday, May 05, 2009

JumboKeyword.com Free Google Adwords App Improves Google AdWords

Google AdWords expert Michael Wong has launched JUMBO Keyword, a brand new web-based application offering 70+ 1-click Google AdWords, keyword & text editing functions to help Google AdWords advertisers create, edit and manage hundreds, even thousands, of keywords with a click of a button. Since 2002 Michael has used Google AdWords to drive over two million leads to dozens of internet marketing clients. To help him create keywords for his AdWords campaigns, Michael developed AdWords Wrapper, a free web application that converts keywords into the keyword matching format AdWords uses. "AdWords Wrapper helped but I would still spend hours creating and editing big keyword lists in a text editor. So I decided to add expand AdWords Wrapper with dozens of keyword editing functions that I use everyday," said Michael Wong, JUMBO Keyword producer. "The result is JUMBO Keyword .com, a web application offering 70+, 1-click Google AdWords keyword editing functions." I want to make JUMBO Keyword accessible to as many people as possible so anyone from anywhere in the world may use without even having to sign up for an account."

JUMBO Keyword offers the following features:

  • 70+ 1-click AdWords, keyword, find & replace, and text functions in one user interface
  • Edit hundreds, even thousands, of keywords in seconds
  • Web-based application - no download or installation required
  • 100% free - no sign up or credit card required
Michael Wong launched his first website in England, in 1998, and sold it 18 months later to iBoost Technology, Inc., a L.A. based start-up backed by Softbank which also invested in Yahoo! & ETrade. Since 2002, Michael has specialized...click to read more

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