Wednesday, May 06, 2009 Invoice Reminder Service Helps Businesses Collect Payments Helps Businesses Collect PaymentsCreative Entropy, Inc. has launched, a web-based service that helps companies collect payments from past due business accounts by sending customers invoice reminders via fax. The service provides an affordable, innovative way for companies to collect past due payments, especially amounts that are too small to be handled by a collection agency, without the hassle, confrontation, time, or effort typically required by traditional methods. It is based on the notion, often proven in the collections business, that "the squeaky wheel gets the grease." Creative Entropy, Inc., an Arkansas business that creates online applications, had their share of deadbeat clients over the last decade. Often, the only way the owners could collect payment from these accounts was to constantly call and harass them. When one of Creative Entropy, Inc.’s business accounts refused to pay a $70 bill and then repeatedly claimed to be out of the office to avoid the ensuing collection calls, the company owners came up with the idea. How it works...The customer signs up online and sets the interval at which the faxes are sent to the customer (daily, weekly, monthly, etc., at random times). The faxed reminders are generated from random fax numbers to prevent number blocking by the recipient. What makes the service so effective is that customers give most faxes more attention than mailed invoices, and the faxes are more difficult to avoid than phone calls or e-mails. Note that the faxes are sent only to other businesses -- not to consumers -- as different laws apply to U.S. consumers. Regular rates for services are $5.99 USD for 20 faxes, with special pricing for non-profit organizations. Contact Shane Green for further information at 870-895-3952 or Shane [at] Creative-entropy [dot] to read more

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