Monday, February 08, 2010 Now Offers Free Version of Email Messaging Tool

GoldMail, Inc., the leading provider of “Audio + Visual Messaging” for email and business communication, announced last week the launch of the free version of GoldMail, available for download at Accompanying the launch of the free version, GoldMail Personal, is a restructuring of its service plans, which now include the Business and Enterprise packages.

GoldMail gives users the ability to improve significantly the effectiveness of email communication by adding voiceover to slideshow messages. In an era where businesspeople have myriad ways to communicate, but at the same time it is increasingly difficult to connect in real time, GoldMail gives users the ability to send the “Audio + Visual Message” over email, or upload to Web, for the recipients to watch and listen when it is convenient for them.

As the video overview of GoldMail demonstrates, the tool is easy-to-use and lets users import PowerPoint, JPEGs and other files, or start from scratch with new text and images, and then record a voiceover, within seconds. The message can be placed inside emails or uploaded to Web, directly from within the tool. The result is a significant improvement to traditional email communication. Visitors can explore the GoldMail Gallery to see examples of the powerful, effective messaging that GoldMail offers...

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