Friday, June 25, 2010

As US Soccer Team Advances to Sweet 16, World Cup Betting in America Surges


As US Team Advances to Sweet 16, World Cup Betting in America Surges

With the 2010 FIFA World Cup entering the first elimination round this Saturday, matches are about to get all the more intense.

Thanks to a thrilling last minute goal, the American team has advanced to the World Cup equivalent of the “sweet 16” round, where they will play Ghana. Though the average Joe isn’t bringing his Vuvuzela horn to the office just yet, American fans are more excited than ever about the tournament. In addition to Team USA’s success, the possibility of winning money has been adding to the football fervor, as fans have been betting on the World Cup in record numbers.

Betting on soccer matches has typically been a European pastime, but thanks to new offers from American sports betting website, stateside fans are starting to see the light. New World Cup betting customers will receive $250 free with a $500 deposit and will score a free World Cup jersey if they recruit 3 of their soccer mates to get in on the action.

“With World Cup coming only once every 4 years we want to make it special. Our clients have been extremely pleased with the jersey promotion”, said BetUS spokesman Reed Richards, citing that “our sportsbook was busier before the USA vs England match than some of the NBA finals games this year. A lot of our clients are betting on European Football for the first time but have been taking home some cash as well.”...see the site now

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