Tuesday, July 06, 2010

CostRefuge.com Provides Editorially Aggregated Personal Finance & Money News for Consumers

CostRefuge.com provides the cost-conscious consumer with the day's most topical news & opinion pieces affecting their economic landscape onto one easy-to-read page. Stories are selected based on merit and are compiled daily with updates throughout the day from the best of the blogosphere & mainstream financial publications. The site brands itself as “your local paper's Money Section produced for the web” and covers all of the issues impacting your financial life, from personal finance news & tips, to breaking economic news, to money-related stories in sports, entertainment & more.

"With the sheer abundance of financial content available today, readers need a front page destination able to cut through the noise and provide the most relevant information in an easy-to-read format." says Blair MacGregor, Founder & Chief Editor. “While there are a number of sites out there that cater to professional investors & day traders, none of these appeal to the average consumer & investor; what stories affect their money and financial well-being in today's economy. We fill that void by providing a manually curated, continually updated list of the most pertinent financial-related content so that readers can catch up with the day’s news without having to manually browse through the hundreds of sites that we cover. We try and cover any subject that might impact a consumer's financial world, not just standard personal finance and economic news but also relevant stories in tech, travel, real estate, entertainment & countless other topics.”

CostRefuge.com has also joined forces with AOL's WalletPop to produce a weekly roundup column covering the best stories from the week in personal finance. The column is featured each Monday in WalletPop's "Economizer" Section...see the site now

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