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The world has literally millions of wine enthusiasts, each with a unique perspective and palate. At they have made it their goal to aggregate the collective knowledge and experience of the wine community on one site, a site geared purely for those people who are into wine. They have contributors from nearly all walks of "wine life" including sommeliers, chefs, bartenders, waiters, wine industry professionals, wine producers, as well as a gaggle of super enthusiasts.

IntoWine is for the wine curious. That is, people who have discovered they love wine and want to learn more about it, the regions from where it comes, the food with which it pairs well, and the grapes from which it derives.

On you will find several features

Interactive Map of Napa and Sonoma (see:
A Google maps mash-up of all the (open to the public) wineries in Napa and Sonoma. They have scouted out approx two thirds of the wineries and profiled the good and not so good about each one. Ex: Larson Family Winery:

Our panel of wine experts taste and discuss wines of various themes. Past themes include Celebrity Wines, Wines from Sideways, F@#$ Sideways! Merlots that Rock, Wines From Strange Places, "Underdog" Wines, Great Port Wines, Sparkling Wines, Piedmont Reds, Italian Whites, Italian "Island" Wines, Super Tuscans, Women & Wine, and Organic Wines Under $30.

Wine & Food Pairing Tool identified about 150 different food dishes and offer a wine pairing suggestion for both a type of wine that pairs well with that dish as well as a specific bottle...see the site now

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