Monday, November 01, 2010

Free Printable Flyer Templates Available at New Web Site

Free Printable Flyer Templates Available at New Web SiteIndividuals or businesses who have been stuck trying to make a flyer or leaflet from scratch will appreciate the dozens of free printable flyer templates available at the new website

The new site is the latest addition to a network of 65 free printable websites created by Kevin Savetz. Other sites offer free and low-cost printables such as: business cards, certificates, stationery, letters, business and medical forms, coloring pages, calendars, signs, labels, gift tags and even printable paper (such as lined and graph styles). features professional designs for a wide variety of businesses and themes. Graphics and text are already set up for the user, along with fields in which to add text.
“Whether you want to rent out a room, find your lost dog or host a party, these free printable flyers will fit the bill – or the handbill,” Savetz said. “I’m so pleased with this latest addition to the family. Free printables fans have been asking me to add flyers for quite some time now.”

The site has specialty flyer designs such as versions where a contact name and phone number can by typed into tear-off strips at the bottom. While most of the flyers are horizontal or vertical letter (8 and one-half by 11 inch) size, there is also a door hanger design.

There are advertising and sales flyers for small businesses, including services such as cleaning or child care. There are for rent and for sale signs for property owners and real estate agents and there are also flyers for events ranging from golf tournaments to birthday parties...see the site now

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