Tuesday, November 02, 2010

New Site MakingLearningReal.org Provides Problem Based Case Learning (PBCL) Tools

New Site MakingLearningReal.org Provides Problem Based Case Learning ToolsInnovation in Teaching and Learning for Technological Education (ITL) announces the launch of MakingLearningReal.org, a comprehensive, free resource for teachers and administrators in technical education seeking to employ inquiry-based methodology in the classroom. Imagine completing a two-year technical degree and heading out into the workplace armed with real-world experience and a portfolio of successful projects. That’s the experience of students whose teachers employ the methods featured on MakingLearningReal.org. Created by leading experts in learning and cognition, this model builds on the understanding that students learn best when they are working on real problems in a project-based environment facilitated by partnerships with local businesses, which bring real-time, real-world business needs to the classroom.

Working from this industry problem, students and teachers engage in a process that embodies the whole range of experiences and skills needed to become effective in the workplace: brainstorming, proposing solutions, and then testing, revising, presenting and implementing them. This process significantly lowers the barriers typically separating the classroom from the real world while preparing students for the work world and providing them with valuable experience...read more or go to the site now

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