Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2011 March Madness Bracket Contest Aims to Set Records
The NCAA March Madness basketball tournament is here again. As American tradition dictates, fans everywhere will be rooting for their team, watching all the games on the biggest TV they can find, and competing with their friends for bracket bragging rights. But the biggest show-off rights of all will go to the winners of the Five Million Dollar March Madness Bracket Contest at Sportsbook.

BetUS Spokesman Reed Richards is doing some boasting of his own:”Last year’s bracket contest was our busiest in 16 years”, he claims. “With the biggest jackpot in the business and new rules making it easier to enter, this year is expected to set a new record with more contestants than ever”

In addition to the five million dollar prize, entrants will also be competing for the $10,000 Sweet 16 and Elite Eight mini-bracket, as well as a 50 Inch 3D HDTV to support the living room bragging rights of the more or go to the site now

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