Monday, March 07, 2011 Offers News Headline Writing Contest Offers News Headline Writing Contest

Here’s how the site works: Each week the editors of ExhumeTheLede summarize an offbeat or humorous news item and invite visitors to submit a witty, creative headline for the story. The editors then review the submissions and select three finalists. After that, each visitor gets to vote for his or her favorite among the three – so ultimately it’s the ExhumeTheLede community itself that picks the best headline.

Now for those who are wondering about the name, ExhumeTheLede is a play on the old journalism admonition, “Don’t bury the lede.” That is, don’t put the main point of your story beneath a pile of ancillary sentences.

ExhumeTheLede offers writers – journalists and wanna-be journalists, comedians and other quipsters – a place to sharpen their skills. But more than that, ExhumeTheLede provides all who seek a creative outlet a forum where they can put their wits to the test – and judge the wits of more or go to the site now

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