Wednesday, March 02, 2011

EmailFormLogix Simple and Low Cost Solution for email Form Creation

EmailFormLogix email form builder is a simple and low cost solution for businesses and individual interested in online data collection. You can try out of this user friendly web tool at
Non profit organizations are rewarded with a special discount – contact us to learn more about it. 
“Email forms are significant to businesses as well as individuals who need to get in touch with their audience and therefore should be available to all” says Benny Tsabba, Founder & CEO, FormLogic LTD. "Our email form builder enables those who have no programming skills or have a very low budget to create online email forms in an easy a cost effective way- this is exactly the reason we created the email form builder for".  
EmailFormLogix form builder allows users to create a variety of email forms: contact forms, order and purchase forms, online invitations, surveys and polls, questionnaires, feedback and support forms, registration forms, etc.  The email form creation process is based on a WYSIWYG drag and drop technique, which allows maximum design flexibility and simplicity of use. 
Once the email form is filled in and submitted, the account owner automatically receives an email containing the data that was entered in the form. This feature is exactly what makes the online form an email more or go to the site now

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